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Who Was the Last Person . . . ?

Posted on March 17th, 2019

Who was the last person you talked to about your children, your grandchildren, or your cute puppy? Who was the last person you talked to in order to schedule an appliance repair, a dental appointment, or a technician to come out and fix your cable or internet? Who was the last person you talked to […]

Just Ask!

Posted on March 10th, 2019

It is interesting to note various parallels between Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5-7) and his half-brother’s epistle near the end of our New Testaments (the book of James). One such parallel is on the word “ask.” Five times in Matthew 7, Jesus emphasized the need for God’s people to “ask” (7:7-11). A similar […]

Keeping Score

Posted on March 3rd, 2019

Two words that should never go together are “nobody ever.” Both words are superlatives, stating absolute extremes. Has just one person ever done this? “No! Nobody!” Maybe it happened just once?“No! Not ever!” Starting a sentence with “Nobody ever” may intend to draw a strong conclusion, but it actually creates doubt and draws the conclusion into question. Some have […]

Essentials for a Christ-like Life

Posted on February 24th, 2019

The book of Colossians is a great source of information for greater Christian living. In the last two chapters, Paul exhorts the Christians in Colossae to live the type of life that shows their faith in Jesus the Christ. In chapter three, verses one through eleven, he describes the basics of Christian living. In verses […]

God is Worthy

Posted on February 17th, 2019

Why do you worship God? Why are you a Christian? Why do you serve God? There are a variety of answers that individuals may offer to these questions. Some answers may have to do with what God has done in the past, and one’s worship or service is a response to His blessings. Some answers […]

Stressed Much?

Posted on January 27th, 2019

Stress. The very word itself, just saying it, is distressing! It closely resembles “stretched,” which is what some stress feels like. It rhymes with “press,” which is what other stress feels like. Life often has a way of gripping us with tension, worry, anxiety and troubles of all sorts. When stress has you stressed, may I […]

Who Would This Action be Against?

Posted on January 20th, 2019

It may be that we sometimes look at sin and think that it cannot be that big of a deal, especially if no one else knows about it or if no one else is harmed by it. We could not be more wrong! Consider the story of Joseph in Egypt with Potiphar’s wife. Notice the […]

Fact-Checking the Gospel

Posted on January 13th, 2019

There are organizations today whose sole purpose for existence is to fact-check what various sources say and post, to check the veracity of their claims and to share their findings with others. Have you ever tried that with various teachings of  various churches? The Bible says, “He who believes and is baptized will be saved” […]

Remember Your Creator!

Posted on January 6th, 2019

As Solomon reflected on his life and the many vain pursuits in which he had engaged to find his true meaning and purpose, one of the conclusions to which he came and enjoined upon others was simply this, “Remember now your Creator in the  days of your youth” (Ecc. 12:1). While none of the following […]

Dear Friend, I Found Truth

Posted on December 30th, 2018

Friend, I found something that has made my life so much better, and it has given me such reassurance as I try to navigate through the course of this life.  I am excited to share with you that I have found truth. I know that may sound strange.  Everyone seems to look at the idea […]

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